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We all have those dreams and fantasy that we wished to happen, and we also have those things that is graspable  yet we are afraid to do so. Some of us have this fantasy to have sex with Papa P, or some of us wanting to touch Derek Ramsey's abs and his junior.

Here are mine:

  • I wanted to have sex with William Levy!
  • I wanted to fuck and be fuck by Dario Dolce!
  • I wanted to join Mr. Gay Philippines.
  • I wanted to do a shoot which all boys will be nude, and the person who has weakest performance, will be suck....
  • I dreamt to be a male porn star
  • To have The Two Brent's having 3 some with me.. 
  • Next, who ever could relay this word to Soltero tell Him he is the man of my fantasy.. I wanted to rimmed his ass.. LOL

I know some of you will search the four persons I mentioned. Enjoy- they're yummy!

Dare Devil..

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  1. ron.angitawagmosaakin: Hahaha, horny lang kasi nung sumulat ako nito..


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