As my friends says, I am so good in making headline titles. I don't know, of all  things that they should have noticed  it's the headline titles that give them something to ponder. Understandably, my teacher taught me to hit the button firstly using figurative or such eye catching words for it. I mean your title should depicts what your content is. More of that soon.

I have to admit that I missed Davao so much, its laid-back life yet oozing and massive industrialization is at hand is leading me into tears. There's so much about Davao that I love, maybe those good memories i had experienced while savoring the "full grown man" inside of me. I have been a blogger for 4 years now, quitely my blog has witnessed some of the most horrendous events that had molded me to become a better person, a special shout to Davao city for being the place where God honed me. It's actually tiring to look back, but I need to- to make my life more meaningful. To remember those important experiences I have had.

I have been living in Manila for 3 months, I have decided as well to make it as my home now. A second one though. Nothing beats Davao in my heart! My friends told me to go back, but my heart's maiming to stay, why? Opportunities are up for grab, I might as well get a chance to make my all dreams come true. It's a one step away buddy. So help me God.

This week, I am going to start a new career. I am lucky that I was hired on a day job, honestly I was sorting things out when this job didn't not arrived yet. I was terrified to go back to Davao. Not that I have done something stupid back there, it's just that inside of me is telling me to do something for myself. And Manila is the place where i can make it true. Posted a shout on my fb wall saying my  thanks to God for His love and care. His mercy upon this bratty kid he has. I felt so lucky and blessed at thesame time. Last week, I've decided to apply for a call center job, I felt I am losing the adrenaline rush of waiting for some companies to call me for a day job, but no one does. Thank God again, I have a friend working in a BPO industry, and told me they're hiring for a call center agent and it's a day job. I get my ass out and apply. At first I was so hesitant, I failed from the first call simulation, dang! The account is a tele-com from New Zealand- and so I get a chance to answer the call from a client asking for assistance about his gadgets or whatsoever that was. It was a worse experience because of all things he has been blabbing there were only two words I got to understand and those are attachments and send. He's eating his words for God sake!

So there you go, I lost it. But thanks God again, the HR dept. gave me one last shot and this time no more NZ account. I was transferred to an easy account. A day job still, and am going to start tomorrow. Great salary and compensation plan. Thank you Lord for your grace.

During the call simulation and final interview I was saying a prayer for His help and guidance. Because at that time I was so scared of not making it, even on the second shot. I felt terrified. I mean I don't have a job, I need money. All these are all in my brain jumping! I asked the Lord to give me wisdom and understanding, knowledge to respond. I told God to helped me aced everything. When my name was called, it seems that there's a power coming from heaven and told me to just go with the flow, relaxed and be brave. I felt so eager to move and conquer the fear i have inside. After all the process I had been through, it was 6 pm when we were called. It's now a make or break news. I was called first, all of my co-applicants are telling me their sweet good lucks. A petite woman approached me to go to the computer and fill-in the forms again, heck I was doing it for 5th times. And then the lady told me I passed. I felt so ecstatic. So happy!

Thanking God on this post is all I can do. I am so blessed having a new job. It's hard when we don't have one right. Thank you Lord for being so good to me.

In the days of trials and challenges let us adhere the power of prayer. Let us trust everything to God. He has the ability  and the power to turn things around. Prayer is the only key to communicate God. He has the nicest and the most wondrous ways of answering our needs.

Thanks GOD

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