It's been two nights now, since I started to re-watched Harry Potter movies.
It had let me go back to the past, I mean literally watching Mr. Potter growing up
like just a normal kid yet with an undeniable gift for magic, I couldn't just envisioned myself
shouting some wizardous  language, either to cast a spell or to stop Voldemort
from seiging the world.

I am a Harry Potter kid, who doesn't.Not unless if you're way beyond "my" years, so you wouldn't consider
re-watching it again. But hypothetically I guess you would dare me doing it.
Some might consider or act like Harry, the bright and bubbly Hermiony or the Ron the greatest friend of all.

It's an insane act of me writing something about this movie.
But hell yes, who doesn't love this movie even til this very day. The whole world was "sidified" (sorry, don't know the right word) by his charm.
His being courageous influences all students to become a fighter. Preserving the good memories of his family, choosing not to remember the bad past he had.
Instead, he chose to remember great memories of having a family, great friends and ofcourse his being himself.
Truly, Harry epitomizes a strong man in both will and might.

Strongly, the movies influenced us on our daily lives. I am not just awed
by its lilting manner, its cinematography or whatsoever technology that had been used to make this movie great.Infact I am awed by how strong the friendship and the hope of one day
the great light will come out. The perseverance to make the world a better place to live in is just stunning to look at.

How I wish there would be more movies to come like this.

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  1. not an HP fan but seeing them grow up makes me realize that am not a kid anymore... la lang! share.. hehe!


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