Cedar Grove, Howell County and more of Jersey places to memorized. Wait, what are we talking about here? Aren't you working on some art projects? As practicality and needs come into play, I couldn't deny the fact that it has come to point where dreams needs to standby and just parked for a while til I have the nerve to conjure the thoughts of touching it again. It shouldn't be hard, adaptability is key. What can I say?

So to be fair and exact, I am working on a graveyard shift to ends meet. For a while, I was just nagging at my foster mom for some comfort and inspiration to lift myself up and just lets me realize how beautiful life is, still. Easy-going and fluidity is key. Damn it. However, I am here right now conjuring this draft on this desk full of rickety monologues trying to at least learn everything from CRM's of my new boss and the likes. But that's life right? We all start at one point. We all begin at some stage where life seems uncertain and unfair. Be it in the kind of my state or whatnot. Be sure to check me out next time, this post might be updated for some reason- an ambivalence mood.

Back at my desktop and figuring out everything all at once to make my boss feel lighter on her shoulder's load, regardless of my graveyard shift. I mean, we all have to make an impression to our bosses, not to sound like I am politically shitting out others but that's the way it is. You help your boss at some tasks to make her work-life balance seems graspable. I see that.

New people. Same-same tasks with new things to learn. Oh New Jersey, it may not be as the Jersey Shore show at once before, but it could also work that way. Trying to figure out the city and its neighborhoods. I can do that. Let's just work the heck up and make the brain sharper than it was, as to not feel stagnant nor jobless. Crazy. Let's hit the bandwagon with our dreams soon, just be adept with the current state- memorizing Jersey neighborhoods and recruiting people all at once.
 Have a blast, cause it's game time! I mean work.

Ramble Royale

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