( an African view of  BEAUTY)

How will you face the world, when objections and discrimination with the standard of real beauty is having perfect face. In the arena of beauty, most people get frustrated to look good, to have a perfect face and having that aura that at first glance all you can see are those luscious lips and gorgeous eyes. The competition even lead us into conclusion of  "Unfairness". Philippines just recently included on the list of most deprived countries, who has high standard of what beauty is all about, and how we view beauty on our own. Furthermore, we topped in Asian country who has VANITY  issue.

The real definition of beauty might have been measured in how you look and how you feel about yourself, but the innocent minds are no longer free. Sort of, trying to adopt the attitude that we acquired from people with self conceited genre in life. Confidence is allowed and needed of someone who grow up and trying to discover what the world really means. but to stand on this slimy world of beauty is quite unpredictable.

( the Filipino view of BEAUTY)

The evidence- we choose beautiful over intelligent. We have that undefine way of expressing and choosing what beauty is all about, by looking good and having a perfect complexion. We even discriminate our  heritage, " Morena" look.Most Filipina women are striving to have whiter skin, to have that porcelain skin! Even men are also engaging into this kind of self- imposed act. The most austere attitude we have. We become obsessed to look good. But in the inside view, we are staggering and lacks beauty from with in.

Instead of whining around, bashing people about how they look like, let us change the view of beauty! Truly beauty never just come from the outside, but it always comes from with in. With a pure heart to lift up men/women who suffer from low of self esteem.The definition of beauty may never changed in just a blink of an eye- but we can diminish the power of it, by doing the will of lifting up someone and let them lived a happy and beautiful life!

Meanwhile, just done watching the Finale Episode of Oprah Winfrey show, it's quite inspiring. Watch it here!

Beautiful is only in the MIND..

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