During World War II, I was a hospital attendant with the British Army in North Africa. At one time, I was appointed officer-in-charge of a small reception station in the desert that catered only to dysentery patients.

Each morning the doctor under whom I worked would summon me, and we would go on rounds of our patients who were lying there on stretchers right on the sand. Every morning the doctor always greeted each patient with same two sentences. The first one was . " Good morning, how are you?" The second was, "Show me your tongue."

I soon realize that the doctor paid very little attention to the answer to his first question, "How are you?" He always moved on immediately to the next, " Show me your tongue." When patient stuck his tongue out, the doctor looked very carefully at it. Then he diagnosed the patient's condition from looking at his tongue.

"Show me your tongue"- that stuck with me. Many times it occurred to me that God deals with us in much the same way as that doctor with his patients. God may ask us, "How are you?" and we may give Him our estimate of our condition. But next thing that God says, metaphorically, is " Show me your tongue." When God looks at our tongue, He sees our true spiritual condition. The state of your tongue is very sure guide to your spiritual condition.

Does your Tongue needs healing?

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  1. Wow, it's good to know that you're also a Christian. Rarely do I find people who believe in God these days. :-)

  2. Mikimoto Angel : Yes, I am! It's need to make our life more meaningful and gracious!

  3. very inspiring post to pareng tim... Christian ka? anung christian? catholic o parang born again?

  4. MOKS™: Salamat Pareng Moks!


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