Honestly I am not ready if God would go back this time of day, knowing that I myself has something to do with my faith. Oh, admittedly I made lots of mistakes. So to think that, if God will go back this time, gosh dude, I would really screwed up. Knowing that my faith is in default guilty pleasure!

May 21, 2011- was announced as the end of the world. Personally I don't have that huge idea about it, but people have been talking about it. Telling me to prepare, it might be true. It boggles me badly. I mean the "what if" is always present on this kind of situation. And it can happen by just a blink of an eye.

Televangelist Harold Camping's prophecy says the so-called "Rapture" will begin with powerful earthquakes at 6:00 pm local time in each of the world's regions, after which the good will be taken into heaven. The not-so-good will suffer hell on earth until October 21, when God will pull the plug on the planet once and for all, the 89-year-old predicts. 

One of the first places to be hit, according to Camping, who wrongly predicted the end of the world in 1994, would be New Zealand, but 6:00 pm came and went with no earthquakes and little local media attention.In the United States, where Camping's evangelising organization is based, some people have been quitting their work and hitting the road to urge others to repent before it's too late.

The whole world was in red alert, people in USA have been quitting from their  jobs. I was not really into faking it, but all I can say is that the Lord never mentioned that there would be someone that he must be telling about His coming. And in the Relevelation, the Lord never mentioned the dates and the time, and that He would go back just like a theft by night.

No buzz, no false alarm, but yes God mentioned about the warnings, tragedy and that is happening. But to give people such a false alarm,  can we still trust the people who know God more than we do? We lived believing that there is God, I personally believed there is! But in my opinion, people who are making buzz about His coming are actually one of those who was mentioned that "False Prophet"  will shine like star.

So Let us be aware, and we cannot trust anyone, we can only trust ourselves and GOD.

God Bless our Soul!

End of the World- False alarm?

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  1. di naman natuloy. postpone daw. hehe.

  2. malay natin ma-reschedule..ahahaha...

    eh ano naman kung alam nila, mapipigilan ba nila? may magagawa ba sila?

    sa halip na magkalat ng mga ganyan balita na nagdudulot ng takot sa karamihan, bakit hindi na lang ipagpatuloy ang buhay? at ikalat ang pagmamahal sa buong sanlibutan?

    pero who knows?.. walang nakakaalam, kahit ang mga anghel o maging ang mga tala sa langit ay hindi alam ang kahihinatnan ng mundo...tanging ang Diyos Ama lamang...

  3. ka bute: Hahahaha, my postponement pa..

  4. =supergulaman=: Tama ka talaga, dapat love love love lang...


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