As the door slammed forcefully, tears started to fall. The room gets darker and darker the illusion of the lights gives no shine. Everyone is carrying stuff and blindfolded eyes. Huge and heavy. We cross the other side, staring at the journey we made quite awesome to find out we have done so much. But no traced of happiness found on journey we took.

As we continue to rise and move everybody felt tired and wanting to quit. As the destiny unfolds trial- they fell back, they runaway and cry.  Cry hoping to heard, the blare of an innocent kid. We cross the bridge, stains and rust took over. Every side of it smells stinking. One alone could sense the tragic memories, the skirmish of a bloody battle of mind and heart.

Heavy and fatigue! One shouts, as the heaven dims the whole place turns black. The blast of bullets, the horrifying sound of deaths keeps on moving. It's annoying, its gruesome. Everyone felt tired and sleepy. But numbness and care less about sleeping. I wanted light, I wanted pure.

The austere night of pit, the dagon is coming. I can hear its crack, I can feel its near. I can hear its laugh.

Where should we go? Where can we hide?


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  1. I love this post, especially the metaphoric words. It's like a poem written in an essay form. I hope I can write a poem again. :-)

    Hey tim, please support my blog's Facebook Page here:

    Mystic Nymph

    Thanks! :-)

  2. Mikimoto Angel : Sure, thanks Nymph..

  3. nananakot ka rin pala. :D

  4. the green breaker : hahaha, yun ang feeling ko ngayon.. Anu ka ba.. heheheheh


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