Elite Fashion Academy  is the first and most sophisticated fashion academy in the world. Now it has arrived in Manila, creating a springboard for those passionate about modeling, fashion, photography, and beauty. In the past, these industries are perceived as glamorous and highly inaccessible - Elite Manila is here to change that.

Back in the 70's, Elite Fashion Academy and Elite Model Management was created by John Casablanca and Alain Kitler in Paris. They have since expanded to Milan, Tokyo, New Delhi, Berlin, Los Angeles, with more than 30 agencies and manages around 2,200 models featured in photography, ramp, and commercials. Elite Model Management continues to recruit fresh talent through nationwide casting tours and gets the best students of Elite Fashion Academy.

Now Elite has arrived in Manila, opening a whole new gateway to the fashion industry.

Elite Fashion Academy Manila offers six different tracks: photography, make-up, hair technology, fashion styling, modeling, and personality development. Our classes encompass all aspects of the fashion industry, perfect for those curious or considering a career in the industry. We strive to provide the necessary knowledge, experience, and in-depth insight for such students, and do this by working with top professionals in the business. We also offer small classes for individualized learning so they may develop their unique and irreplacable style.

The Fashion Academy Manila
3rd Floor A. Venue Mall
5343 Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines

The Fashion Academy in Manila!

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