I just heard this song once, and I felt inlove with it. It's quite different, it's not silly nor annoying to listen to. It's melody as well plays good role on listener's ears. This song demands time- plus the best Aussie singer sang and made it for us.

Guy was from Australian Idol who also brought us his best single " Angels Brought me her" once again wants us to join his beat on saying "Who's the girl!" Featuring Cinta Laura, am not quite familiar with this lass, but she knows how level herself with the likes of MJ. Blige, Nicki Minaj. You Go girl..

Meanwhile, here is his single : Enjoy!

I'm quite pissed, I can't post the embedded code.

Who's that girl!

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  1. naging LSS ko yan few weeks ago...ganda ng melody, pang party!

  2. i always hear this song on TV 5 to promote their Primetime princesses. It's a nice song, but I didn't like it when the station promoted it like crazy.

  3. MOKS: Yu, maganda Talaga!

  4. Mikimoto Angel: Yeah, it's nice!


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