No, i am not. Today the rain is flowing smoothly on my skin, its coldness made me think to blog about feelings and how did we get over on things that made us broken as hell and hurt terribly. As we all know, the word pain is inevitable. It is something that most of us shunned. But as the world evolves the chances of not getting hurt either by love or what ever it might be- still we get hurt.

What's the gist of this post is, all the things we faced has its corresponding happiness and failure. When we maximized the things to make us happy we tend to get rid of pain. We tend not to look at the brighter side of getting hurt. But sooner or later we are hit and hardly coping with it.

So why are we going to hide our self from pain, that would make us realized we grow up and learned to fight. We become mature and contented of what we have. One thing pain wanted us to learn is that let's keep on loving and loving.

To love and be loved.

Being Empty and Heart Broken...

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  1. clap clap. I love pain... after I get over with it and i look back at myself during those times i was so miserable.... and i could only do one thing. laugh.

    nice read.

  2. we have to experience pain to know happiness. without suffering there is no compassion. :)

    don't play in the rain too much or you'll get sick. have a good day!

  3. ron.angitawagmosaakin: Thanks Ron!

  4. Zahara: oh thanks for the care.. hehehehehe

  5. pain is a humbling experience. it makes us go low that we have to realize our wrongdoings which gave us a bad return. to me being in pain is a step to contemplating your own desires and drives. you realize that there are some things that you want badly but it just cant be given to you. we wait but should it not come, we become mature enough to handle the situation.

    you should not let yourself be this down because of the rain, cheer up. :D

  6. the green breaker : Yes, I agree with that..

  7. I love this post Tim. Cheers to that! Pain indeed makes us mature. I don't mind getting hurt, just as long as I learn something from it. :-)

    From Mystic Nymph

  8. Mikimoto Angel : thanks Mystic!


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