Oh men, things get better and better to my friend Kenneth, who was raised in Mindanao, won the Man of the Year 2010- and now making waves in Manila as the newest hot male group.

Oh, isn't it a competition? Let's find out.. but I find their voices awful.. No offense meant to him. He is my friend.  But just have good looks- not talent. Maybe for Bikini open, they're good at it. But singing, nuh! Leave it alone Hot Men, you will fall into pit with it. Oh maybe, gays would really be drooling for you..

Let's find out, what will happen soon ;)

HotMen Teaser!

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  1. No offense, but I don't like men who show off their body just to show they're sexy. It's not a manly thing to do. :-(

  2. Mikimoto Angel : hahahaha, kabayotan na sya.. hehehehe

  3. the green breaker : unsa mao lagi? hehehehe

  4. ron.angitawagmosaakin: Horny ka lang talaga lagi..

  5. This vid is best viewed muted..kasi honestly natatawa ako instead of feeling something else..of which you know already is my best attribute haha kita mo naman first comment ko sa blog mo itong entry agad na ito una ko binasa hahaha


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