Being a gay is another choice,  choice that you need to divulged yourself and let people accepts you no matter who you are and what you stand for. It is a struggle to someone who wanted to say something about themselves, how they feel and where do they wanted to stand as a person who does live as well.

Coping with depression and confusion were another trials that someone like me needed to overcome. It is hard to know and discovering something that is wrong on the eyes of many and on the eyes of God. But did we choose the life we have? Or did we told God to let us be gays? Ofcourse we never! And never on our whole bunch of dreams. we attempted to be normal, (we are normal) on the eyes of many, on the eyes of people who considered us as crap.

As discrimination started to ignite, we fled, we were tortured and bothered. Some of us died by mutilation, some died being stoned. Depression and fear wrapped us all.

But we never choose to have this life, some of us are still on the closet, afraid to divulged, why? Are they afraid- or they just chooses to live with it til the end of their lives?  I don't know personally.  But the feeling is fair, it's thesame. I was stoned, I was tortured by with words. Words that are more  venomous than the bite of a king cobra!

We are living on the 21st century, and our species lurking freely. But don't you think we really are?

Meanwhile  watch this video :  Erotic yet awesome!

Let the Puritant faints!

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  1. in my provincial high school, i was so confused why other guys were confused and that made me depressed. but looking back on it, i think i was even more confused that they were.

  2. hahahaha.. experience


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