Women dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, enchanting with long white silk covered with  diamonds and precious stones, the motion-less yet demands attention  walk, that brings grace and elegance to their precious moment.

The glance of love and adoration. The vow that binds the two hearts. The promise to love each other forever- til death do us part..

The smile of a queen who captures the heart of her  king, who conquers the realm of his being and bring colors to his untouched territory. 

The shadow even shines like a star, it entices your eyes to gander on this beautiful creature that azure outturned.

The flower bears  noblesse and sophistication. Its long defined stalk gives lasting peace; its petals defined the well nourished love, and its effluvium besprinkles the whole prostrate of the chancel.

Every eyes are brimming of fortunateness  and valor. The adoration of grace and elegance spread like a mighty wings of an eagle. Glittering with memories, sparkling like a diamond ring.

As I say I do, my promises remained true. The mist in my eyes flow.

You are the one I will treasure, the one I chose to die for. Say our prayers gently, wrap my heart of your love thoroughly. I love you as I do.

The Proposal!

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  1. i remember the movie of sandra bullock. that's a funny movie! ^_^

  2. ka bute: yup- it is..

  3. bloggingpuyat: hindi kaya...


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