It's feels like heaven when I found your text in my phone, your message makes me ecstatic every time I received it. I always smile and feel intense thinking of you, it is like the whole universe colliding and connives with what I'm feeling. It is not good to assumed you loved or liked me, but this feeling of intensity made me settle slow down- I might get hurt at the end of the game. Oh, I'm not considering that you are playing games with me. Trying to makes me secure and feel that you are mine, no I am not thinking of it. I just learned so many things as I grow up.

Your message helped me feel good about myself, thought  your words are overdone. But heck I don't care if you are trying to caught me cackling in my room, once you heard my voice doing so with a huge slam I would really watched out next time. You might be just next door. So staring from now, I am trying to control my emotion if your message will soon arrived.

But I don't know, I guess I'm  insanely stupid, a message would tickled my whole system. Those slams and cackle just so gross! One thing I hate, you don't like kissing, but smooch made my day- oh your hugs and the care gosh I felt like brimming with joy from the inside out. Co-workers have been mystifying, thinking of what makes me glow each day. Whoa, your message? Hahahaha.. Well well, perhaps it made me cool, and don't forget that I jog every morning, trying to compete with you, you are eagerly developing your body and so I have to do something to match that. Isn't it fair?

I am not teasing you okay, everytime I told you are just as handsome as the angels of heavens and that is pure whole bunch of truth. I seldom lie, and I seldom play safely. "Shut up" is all I heard every time I say it. Hey, don't you get it, you have that total package! And glad to find you. You always made my day. You give me joy and happiness. The sex, hugs and the words you have given me reminds me  of telling my self " I deserved to be happy".

It's almost  perfect. There's only one missing, it is your status  "TAKEN"

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  1. The sex, hugs and the words you have given me reminds me of telling my self " I deserved to be happy". ----- uhoooooohhh!!! :D

  2. iya_khin: oh, hahahahaha.. Ikaw talaga..


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