We fall in-love, we got hurt, then we fall in-love again, then we got hurt! 

This is redundantly happening as we survive each year, as we live on this world. We are humans and we tend to promised that we won't love again so not to get hurt. It is either drastically inclined, or letting someone go for the sake of his/her happiness.  

" Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale" (tim)

Loving is the most amazing thing to do in this world. Regardless of pain we gain, regardless if somebody whom you loved respond to it or not. But what we feel is more than of what we see. We tend to forget the issues, words, and the gestures of anyone who stopped us on doing it. We believed that love is the sweetest thing. Regardless of how many times we got hurt and how many times we shed tears from someone who left us undone. Still love is the purest, it wipes every boredom , heals the broken one, wipes the insecurities we have. Giving us the glow, that the world couldn't spare for us.

Love is as pure as diamond, sparks with  the purest glow and shines like the sun. Once we have it- everything change. From ugly to beautiful, from empty to full of joy. Love is the best thing we could have in this world. No money needed, just share affection and care- then you will be loved more than enough.


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  1. very well said....no money needed...can't buy me love...

  2. iya_khin: Cool! Thanks !


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