I felt so ecstatic when I saw two guys kissing passionately, breaking the barrier of expectations, leaving the edge of a closeted life. The cruelty of its struggle to survive. Pretending to be someone else whilst starving to burst out and show the real feeling that ignited the inner side of  their skirmish. The hope to be understood, dreaming to have that real freedom to kiss, hold hands, laugh out loud and make love passionately.

Together, the dream has remain pure but folded and hidden. Afraid to be mocked, scorned and be mutilated. Indie movies have been showing the real predicament of what is gay in our society, how morbid it would become if you found yourself beaten by the words, struck by those judgmental eyes who only wants selfishness,they care- less about what gays' feeling. Closeted or not, we are  mocked.

Starving ourselves from expressing is rampant. The whole universe is conniving when two guys collided on bed, expressing the freedom, the happiness and feeding ourselves from the starvation we are on.
 Who can dare to kiss same sex in-front of many? No one! So we tend to keep it closed and private. Hiding from this walls that protected us from getting caught and be mocked. And the joy of it is really amazing.

Our eyes met sharing the moment of our love, expressing what we feel- sharing this best moment of our love. Showering me with the lullabies of your  adoration. Leading me through the window and telling me how wide is your love for me. Slowly making the unreal- conspicuous, gripping. Brimming with joy of satisfaction, the scent of sweet caress fuming in this four corner, flaming with fire. The burning desire to make love, to give love and to received  love.

The intimate smile of praises, fulfilling the dream of becoming ONE.

The Freedom You have long for....

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  1. Aw. You could only know how much I can relate to this.. :)

  2. the green breaker: oh thanks man!


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