You heard it right, everyday is a new day for me, my struggle to live normal, to fight a good fight, to laugh like I have never been done before, to cry like a baby wanting to suck his thumb, to eat the most delicious food I dreamed of, to travel, to inspire, to share a smile, to gladden the gloomy hearts, to remover the grudges in this world, and to Love like I had never been hurt.

Cartwheels- this is the move we always have in life. We always wanted to be free, to be heard, to be listened to. We just wanted to laugh and share the littlest yet the  sweetest  thing we have. Like a baby who tries to walk with bare foot, point by point, trying to balance every step so that he wont fall off and gain pain.

When it was dark, we hoped to find light and.

We can't believed how life moves, we can't determine its avenue, the turning points we have.  Life has its own time..

Here's my new hair style Mohawk..

A new day has come...

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  1. Indeed. It was a sound talk through: I needed an inspiration and reading you just gave me one. Everyday is a new day. We must feed it with different things filled with knowledge and optimism.

  2. the green breaker : Thanks man.. Yeah, we have to.

  3. Hello Tim, I just gave your blog an award. :-)

    Check it out on my page.

  4. Mikimoto Angel : Wow! Thanks thanks much!


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