"It's almost dead" this phrase struck me hard enough to let my tears fell. The view of its magnificent barrio has gone in just 20 minutes wrath of nature. No reason to object to let them be strong beyond this trial that hit them harshly. News papers, television networks have been stating such calamity that affected many of my fellow Davaoenos in the Southern part of this huge city. Reporting about the damage, the life and the huge question on how would they survived.

Their hopes and dreams had been taken away by water. The flash flood that took 31 lives of people, including the lives of my best friends' relatives. Here is the story.

It was Saturday afternoon, when they shared their true joy with the people who loved them and whom they loved. Celebrating the victory of owning the moment of their simple yet special wedding. To them, it was a victory. Tears of joy over flowed. Gifts, token and reception was made with love and adoration, the happiness on the eyes of many as they strolled and watch the bride glides her way to the altar.  Saying  "I do's" wrapped the whole place. The vow of  living together forever. The promise that even the universe cannot break its tie. The solid foundation has already been established, with their adorable kids- for me it was a perfect family. Simple and full of love.

Amongst other spectators, love is in the air. Saying, the test of time is always beatable." May the love of God and His guidance will over powered your family." My personal wished for their family. As love is being honed to boom sooner, all I a dreamed for them is the real happiness and satisfaction. They went home life the king and queen of forever.

Tuesday night  :

Setting the kids to get ready to bed. Everything is perfect. Everyone is happy. It was time to prepare for a huge battle tomorrow, work,work, work. The queen talked about her past and how did she survived while the king listened to his queen's story a sweet kiss landed on her lips. A sweet good night and a tight grip for tomorrow's journey. Peaceful and soothing sleep.

It was 11 pm, everyone we're sleeping, when a huge rain poured off. Heavy and annoying- it seems calling people to vacate, to leave. The ship will soon docked and 20 minutes later, the flash flood happened. The house was built from a coniferous materials and the flood made such horrible entry then destroy the haven of the king and queen and their children, their panicking! We should leave! the king yelled. He decided to transferred  his family to the next house near to them, since he knew it was built solidly it wont be drag by a strong current. Rushing through the door  to get in to the next house, where other families huddled.

To survive! it is everyone's aim. Amidst the situation, they we're praising God, and asking for help. When all of a sudden, the haven's foundation broke. Holding hands, tight grips and a loud voice telling them directions. Each family is consists of two little fellow and their parents. The king and queen are holding their children tightly. He wanted his family to be safe, so he ran upstairs, the roof was the only place, which they would be safe. But it was too late, when he looked back to get his queen and his children they we're nowhere to be found. The flood took them, the flood took their lives horribly!

How can I survive? The king asked- he smile, he laugh, and he sings trying to be strong, trying to hid his agony of his great loss. The queen and his children died.


(These photos are taken during our Hampaslupa Clothes and food giving)
They still needed more help. More clothes and more food. We the Hampaslupa Group seeking help with you guys, we will accept even it is 20 pesos. Please support us, as we give light to the people who losses it.
For clothes:  t-shirt,shorts,jeans, panties. Food: can goods, rice, or any in kinds. For money assistance : reach us through this number (Smart) 09296776922

May the Lord God bless you!

The Wrath of Nature and how did I loose my realm...

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  1. i've been to davao several times. the people are friendly and i find the place very safe. it's very unfortunate that these things happen because of our disregard for mother nature.

    i admire your group's effort to help them. we've helped a bit also through our parish's relief organization.

  2. ^travis : Thanks Travis..


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