Just so you know, if you can't hit the highest notes like Charice or Celine- then Good Luck to your career!


Freaky Freaky Lady !

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  1. Haha funny though that that there are people who are too confident that they don't care if they sound so annoying.

    Ann Curtis is actually one of those "yabags" who don't sound irritating. I think it's cute that she knows she's out of tune, but she still carries herself well. :-D

  2. ahahaha... pampam yung pangalawa, i didn't buy it, pero yung una, ahaha, kakatawa. :D scary sila pareho... ahahaha.... feeling ko ganyan ako kalala kumanta. ahahaha.

  3. Mikimoto Angel: Yes, I'm one of them.. lol.

  4. RoNRoNTuRoN : anu lang yung isa, chaka.. hehehe..

  5. Tim: What do you mean pages? Kanang sa FB or katong tabs in my page?

    Kung katong sa FB, mag-create Page lang ka. :-)

    Kung katong tabs sa akong page, Link List to siya tapos gi-drag nako sa top part sa page.


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