Upon writing this post the Firework of Katy Perry is playing inside my brain. Ears are gearing up to have something in mind whilst writing. I started my day with a huge bang, I didn't go to work, I was beaten really hard, with those unexpected hook-ups and huge sex. For this week, i got 5  sexcapades. I am not talking about horny things here, I am just being so honest about it today.

Just recently, this very afternoon, my bff invited me have a guesting on his friends' show, it's a school project, and he needed my help. But before going there, i still met someone and had sex with him for a while, enjoying and at the same time worrying about the commitment.He's a nice guy- but forgettable.. lol

I went to the gym, to regain back my figure. it's been a year since I raised my hands and make some good sweat out of those bells.

Good Luck for moi.. Hope another sex will happen tonight.. lol..

Gearing up to Change!

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