Every time I find myself complaining about my predicament, my life and how my skirmish flows on its way. I became naive, selfish and the extreme feeling of vexation chagrins. Realization always at the end. I hate to think that sometimes I am crazy thinking to make a difference, in which those things I thought "useless" has remained unsolved.

So here are some of the little lapses I thought, has nothing to do with my daily growth..

  •  wasting food ( knowing that lots of kids in the street are begging to have it.)
  • ungrateful      ( knowing that I have given so much in life to enjoy.)
  • naive              ( i have to learn to grow up and be mature positively.)
  • friends           ( the ability to understand, to listen and to give love)
  • relationship   ( to love the unlovable)
  • smile              ( in the days to come, I have to learn to appreciate what's with in me, and what is yet to come)
These are the little things i thought has nothing to do with my life. My journey. If I would learned to appreciate it and maximize it, then sooner or later the best is yet to come!

Wish you have this one...

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  1. Yes, very much true. Hello tim, we need more eyeopeners like this post. Keep the positive vibes coming. God bless you.

  2. the green breaker : oh, thanks alot Green~!


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