Every dreams has its sacrifices to make, every decision has its battle to face. One you dream you have to fight to achieved it and make it happen. Every inch of it is a struggle, a challenge that we adhere to remain humble. Every day of our lives we ponder on achieving it, plans that made us strong and more determined that one day we will make it.

Some dreamer might be dreaming of having a car, mansion, luxury travel around the globe, to be famous or anything that floats on their boats..

To achieve it we need to be tough! To be vigor. Let the imagination flows and envisioned that you will be someone that everyone salutes, everyone become an inspiration, and a tough act to follow. An Influencer!

I myself dreamt of making it in photography, this eagerness and the blare of my dream is annoying sometimes. It always reminds me of when, when and when. My precious ideas, that the world has never experienced in photography. My ways of enhancing and uplifting people with low of self-esteem. And making them feel "beautiful" from the inside out. And to reduce the stigma and vanity problem in our society.

With this dream, I see myself as one of the best that soon the world will loved. My determination to make it happened screamed of fierceness and agile. I will make it and it will happened.

I might be blind, and cannot see how beautiful the world is, but my dream will happened if I choose to!

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  1. Sometimes dreams that drive us. We just have to keep on chasing them 'til we're living it.

  2. And we need to be positive in dreaming, even if the world dissuades us from our aspirations. Nothing is too big that we cannot accomplish if we use the right tools to make it work, and of course if we have faith in Him who knows all of the wishes of our hearts.

  3. it seems that your posts lately makes me relate. I too, have big dreams. I dream to be rich but not famous, I dream to travel the whole world together with my family and i dream to become a Lawyer someday but hinders me to do it because of my own negligence..

    Everything you said is right. your dream will come true someday, in the right place and time but of course in order to achieve your dreams, you have to start now and don't be like me. =) this is a nice post timmy boi.. by the way, i love Davao and i dream to be in that place.

  4. Christina: Indeed it is right..

  5. Josh: Thanks Josh..

  6. pEarL: Oh- thanks for always reading it. And thank you again, for loving my Davao~


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