We all know how to pray and asking God of all things that we wish to have in our life. Some people asked for guidance, intelligence, wisdom, fame and fortune. And it all goes down into one thing "will He grant it?"

Have you ever been boggling God on your request that you have been asked many times, still there is no answer? Well maybe there is some mistakes  that we should take a look at.

So here are  my tips on how to let God works and how can we be able to feel His presence when we pray:

1. God needs to be acknowledge in Holy Trinity ( The name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

2. God only wants from us is to worship Him.

3. God wants us to be grateful on things that we have received and He wants us to acknowledge the   challenges   that we had been through- be grateful for it has reasons why it happened. Thank Him for your life.

4 God wants us to say "sorry"   for everything that we have done wrong, in mind, in deeds and in heart. And forgive  everyone who oppressed us. And let the mistake be a mirror of not doing it again. Hate the sin.

5. In everything that we asked, said and prayed for we have to adhere Jesus Christ our personal savior who saved us from the sin, and gives us another life.

Note:  That in everything that we asked has its own confusion and test to overcome. When you asked earthly things, make sure that you are worthy enough to have it. If you asked for Love, make sure you can love the unlovable. And if you asked for patience be sure to notice and be observant on things that you seldom noticed. To wait is one thing. If you asked for wisdom be sure to overcome confusion. And if you asked for faithfulness from Him be ready to face emptiness.

God may not be responding, or doing anything on wishes that you've asked. Try to regard those little things that you never noticed to thanked for: air, health, parents, friends, blessings, shelter,the world, nature,opportunities, job, money and everything  that you personally know.

Note: God will respond in this way. Yes, maybe not.

Yes-  if it is the time.
Maybe - if you need to grow and do something to get it. Labor.
No-  if it is not good for you.

God appreciates those who are grateful and bless them with more!

Truly gratitude changes Attitude...


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  1. this is very beautiful post. a good reminder to everyone...


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez : Thanks Much Jay!


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