I am inspired by a blogger who wrote about his best friend, so I myself is mimicking what he did. I just realized that I should have to put some article/post for my bff. She deserves to be praised, thanked and loved for.

Our friendship started late 2005, when I was 15 year old and she was 24, see the huge gap between me and her? But that doesn't opposed us on making the impossibility of  becoming a solid best friends forever. Apart from being so cool to be with her, she is undeniably genuine and honest in lots of things. She taught me a lot, most especially on exercising my faith to God.

Her contribution on making it possible to feel the presence and His love in my life is really huge and fat. Forgiveness for my family, love for people and faith to God so the blessings would follow my way. Every Sunday we would go to the church, pray and worship God. I was once witness some mysterious act, when she was "speaking in tongues". At first i was scared, but she did told me that it is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and it would only fall once your heart is pure and have ask it heartily. The idea of seeing her giggling, crying out loud and prophesying things stunned me. Indeed she have shown me the miraculous hands of God touching people. Starting from that day, I was convinced to follow  God.

A lot of contribution she have given me, there was a time that I stayed with her, it was one of the most amazing simple life I had. In the  morning, we would pray, eat and then watch TV. But there were times we had rift. But that should not be mentioned here.

She's not good with her communication, but sometimes she would surprised me by her ability to discern things. Saying something (an English word) which I  would  heard it first  from her. And I would just laugh, telling her, she had outwitted me by it.  She bought  me lots of stuff, shared her money, and giving me the comfort of a family I needed. To be with her is the most amazing thing I could possibly remember. There is no pretensions and faking, the genuine love and friendship she gave, made me better as a person. She taught me to be honest always!

Lying is a major SIN to her. And sometimes I screwed up on this part. I stayed with her for quite sometime, she nourished me with her care, it was 3 months that I didn't find a job, so to feed myself  became my first odd. Instead of focusing on this flaw, she had rest assured me that God has prepared me best. After the long hours of praying, worshiping- the Lord had granted my prayer of having a job!

We had planned everything, requirements were all hers, mine will be the ability to overcome and passed the interviews.  With the strong faith to God yes I was accepted then started to work. Then I received my first ever salary, I treated her, anyway she loves canton! Really the Lucky Me one.. And I had acquired it since then. We both loving the style of cooking it.

Her beauty is really mesmerizing!Someone offered her  to be an actress 9 years ago, but she refused. I was ecstatic to know that, indeed she is cute. Not the typical chinita, demure but with full of energy once you get to know her. A master chef. She loves Christian Music.

My best friend is an Earthly shield for me- a fortress, my home, my love, my parents, my family. Her love for God is my basis of why I need to worship God.

I thank the Lord for giving her to me. An epitome of Beauty form the inside out!

I Love You Te Faith!

With Faith His name!

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  1. God bless bff! Aww. I'm happy that you have found yourself a very good friend.. :)

  2. the green breaker: Yeah man!


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