I am quite afraid to share stories of my personal life, it is like a showbiz writers who love to write about other celebs yet they are afraid and keen on protecting their personal life and family. But sometimes I have to share some tidbits of it, nothings going to happened wrong if I may do it.

I keep it to myself not to share my family background. I lied to most of the people if they would asked me about my family. Well, you can't blame me for that. My family aren't celebrity or somebody who has high profile status, but as for me I don't feel like reiterating this and that.

Admittedly, I love my father half way empty. Yes, you heard it right, maybe the hatred is eating me whole. I can't take it abruptly, and just forget what he had done to my mother and my sisters and so to speak to me. Somewhat he had caused us pain and misfortune. His deeds that brought us into suffering, his negligence and laziness  caused us starvation. And his vehemence caused us to put a grudge on our heart. And so the hatred  flared up.

Growing up as a person and dealing with different personalities, I have seen myself striving to overcome  the fear of rejection, resisting on negative thoughts and on how to control my emotions towards others. I felt that some people are trying to get rid of me, I can't blame them cause I know for a fact that I have this tickly attitude. I reacted on things badly. Sometimes, I screwed up with little things that if only I  did think twice before doing such I may found solution that would pave the way of letting the morbid stuff  from happening.

Maturity happened by nature and not by force. I may not be able to correct the mistakes I had done from the past, but I can be able to make something better in the present and in the future to come. As I grow up in age and in maturity I slowly transitioned myself from being abrasive to a keen observant and a relater of things. I thank God for His love and care. His blessings everyday made me alive and graceful!

I am grateful that life gives me reason to mourn, for life has also given reason to smile.

The Day that I Am thankful for

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2011

    God loves you, always remember that :)

  2. T.R.Aurelius: Thanks!

  3. TR is correct! And we must always be grateful of His love above anything else. He is the father that we should value, but it says on Ephesians 6 that we should honor our parents. We must not forget that, Tim! God will bless us more if we follow His word.

  4. hugs my friend Tim... dont worry everyone has good and bad stories to tell about their families. I have a share of that too. I am actually thinking of making a short family profile. Funny, that because my "kanunu-nunuan" are the originals of the province, Palawan; name it. We became the local celebrities. The subject of stories in all the "tsismisan ng bayan". Everyone has something funny or bad to say to us, but at the end, they will come to us for help and assistance. Kasawa but on the other hand, our consolation is, you still need us. Malakas lang ang loob ko to show people what I am and who I am. It's not that I don't care but, the heck! I wanna be happy! Hatred! seguro noon yeah. untilt he time I realized I don't have time for it and space for it in my heart.

    Mas natatakot ako na di nila ako pinag-uusapan, kasi it simply means I am no longer "somebody" to them. hahaha! Umabuso, nagfeeling celebrity. Anyways, forget about what people say about you. Just be happy, take care of yourself and don't hurt anyone.

    God bless and take care!


    btw, thank you for visiting my blog and clicking the follow button. As much as I wanted to keep it simple, ewan ko ba? i like it that way! feeling celebrity nga ata. gusto makulay! hahaha...

  5. the green breaker: Yeah, I agree Green. Thanks alot!

  6. JJ Roa Rodriguez : Wow- hahaha. No worries with your blog. Okay na yun..


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