It feels like the a 30 days played  dynamically fast. Fooling our eyes with its routine each day, then  wondered and  murmured how the days run so fast. And now we are hitting the end point of 2011, sixty more days to come and we will be celebrating Yuletide season.

 This year has been a great year for me, there are times that I caught off guard with so many challenges, hindrances and things that led me into frustration. But still, I managed to make my head up and live life optimistically. Month of January had given a huge gift, a responsibility. I can't say it bluntly on this post, nor to my posts to come- but the idea of what it is,  is something that you should be afraid of. What keeps me from living life optimistically is God, my family and my real friends. Though things might be different  at this time but the adrenaline rush of making a difference is hitting its way up higher.

We have given so much of choices, the freewill to make and take decisions for the benefit of ourselves, how wonderful the Lord is for that, but in the end we tend to blamed God for things that happened wrong. We may find our selves in the pit, but to mourn is not an option, to surrender is not an option, instead to buckle up is the best thing to do. Making life colorful and more vivid. To live meaningful. Make friends, smile and stay positive.

No matter how gruesome the going is, bear in mind that everything happened for a reason.The stillness of life is moving, it is shake up by tides and waves, this stillness could be appreciated if you know how important your life is. 

Close your eyes. Set your self free. Live beyond your expectation. Gaudily smile! And share your life as it should be.. 

Happy Reading.. :) God bless Us!


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  1. this is very very good... I love how your positive perspective summarized all of this at the end of the post. Tim, at my age of 41, i have been to the extreme of both the hard and the good, but why focus on - if we have a choice to focus 0n +... hold on buddy! you are on the right track and attitude... God bless! and take care!


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Thanks J!


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