I have been struggling on boosting my self confidence and developing my self esteem. To earn those are the hardest thing amongst  teenagers and even those who have reach the level of good maturity. The fear, consciousness, insecurities of facing the odd is still visible and reigning inside us. Me personally  tried lots of things; it could be reading tips, talking to myself and inspiring myself to be good and to do good in things that i have been doing.

Basically having the confidence is like owning the precious gems in the night, or wearing your most expensive dress from Versace. You nailed everything and every time. Seems like there is no fear of conquering the odd and facing the giants. Every time you talked, you are secured that everything will turned out fine. So to assure  yourself  that everyone you have in front won't laugh at you and for you not to screwed up.

Yes confidence and self-esteem are the two of the hardest aspect of attitude that someone should posses. Having these aspect would give a "huge" edge amongst others who does not- and their fears are eating them lively.

Before I become a dj I have that difficulty of talking in front of the  crowd, this fear was a result of so many negative things and words I have received from different people, classmates, exes and most especially from my very own family. Injected by  those morbid words damages my  life and  resulted  into insecurities, consciousness, fears lack of self confidence and low of self-esteem. I had struggled to removed it. It is like a weight that I cannot even remove from my shoulder. Every time I talked I felt so small.

When I decided to make something for my self, I had realized that :

  • I have to praise my self for the achievements that I have attained.
  • I need to talk to my self positively.
  • I need to uplift and assure my self that everything will going to be fine if I will "fight".
  • I need to unleash every negative thoughts I have inside, in my heart and mind.
  • I have to join those people who could help me positively, in developing my self esteem and confidence.
  • Share my story, and b open to every criticism I would receive from the odd.
  • I have to accept my limitations. 
  • I need to take good care of my self, well groom and proper hygiene is a representation of beauty.
  • I need to listen to people who praise and give good report, it would help  boost my self confidence.
  • I need to appreciate beauty.
  • I need to encourage my self to look good.
  • To help people with thesame case as mine.
  • To love my self and give credit to what God had created.
When we appreciate the growth that we are in, we acknowledge the effort we have poured into. And when we started to praise ourselves  positively, we are starting to care and love ourselves. The first person to say something good to myself is ME. So why not taking it too long to say and do it huh?

Thanks for Reading..

  1. good drive and determination. I can be considered by my friends and family and co-workers or employers to be one of those person who possesses those what you are trying to gain for yourself. But you know what Tim, every time I go up the stage to be a host, to be a participant to be an awardee, to be whatever, etc etc. My heart is still full of fear, inside me, I am trembling that I might do something wrong and screw up everything. But you know what, presence of mind add a little sweet smile, honesty to what I feel, talk about what I knew and don't go to topics that I are not sure off would always make it good for me.

    It's not easy, but in time and constant exposure you'll get there. I have been on stage or in public since I was 4yo and I am now 41, still have those fear but this is me. They have to take me as I am. We will never please everyone no matter what we do. So just be you.

    I hope I made some sense here and help you out.

    Take care my friend!


  2. Anonymous10/04/2011

    It takes a while to earn self-respect. It all starts with truthfulness to one's self. Once you have accepted who you really are and what you really want in your life, everything will follow. Self-confidence, true enough, as what you've said, is a very important aspect in one's life that should be present in order to make the most out of what life has to offer. It pays to learn out of the times when we still do not have that high esteem towards ourselves. It may not be done overnight but having the determination will boost the confidence even more.

  3. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Yes, thanks for reading..

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  5. pointlessparanoia: i love your lines buddy!


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