What comes in your mind when you think of writing something for your blog post? What drives you to do it, beyond the fact that in reality, we ain't journalists who got paid once something from their minds jerks out on paper, their ideas are being paid. Not denying it, I am doing pay per post jobs. But they have given me some topics and so I could be able to drive a little bit fast when promoting their sites, services and stuff.

"Main Idea is, the post that we made  either would make us or destroys us." When you write, it is not someone else experience, it is not something that you relate your story into. It is something that you feel writing on, and something that you think would pave a way, in expressing your emotion, expressing your verdict about the world.

Everyone can write a story! Yes, you heard it right. Everyone can. Writing is not for pro people alone, it is not for "us" blogger alone and nor for journalists either. It is a way of expressing what you feel inside or sending message so people would know and be aware of things. It is sort of a campaign.

I love  fiction   it taught us to be imaginative and be creative in so many ways. The mythical way of enchanting readers to drool over it is just astounding. The fiction writer's ability to entice us and caught us un-guard with its  power to manipulate our minds and emotions. They led us into confusion, angst, fear, enchant and a satisfying ending. In the end, fiction is a way of escaping from the truth and what is true. Painstakingly writers envisioned something extraordinary that even our brains could not resist seiging it.

Their ability to pound us harshly, spent hours or reading and following the tail of its uneven absoluteness.

What makes you write? You are hurt and you wanna cry, shout and be mad? Emotions carries and brings life to the words. A life that construes pain and defined  reality, that when you are broken it is natural and it comes naturally that you will get over it. When you are inspired and loved. When you are forgiven and you forgive.When you find life on something that tickles your heart. And when you think that the world could be a better place to live in.

Writers made us cry,laugh and mad. Made us appreciate life. But above all, everything that writer contributed us is "Escaping from the reality but not forgetting, that we are living in the world of reality". The true joy of life, is when we faced difficulty and solved it with gladness and a learning from it.

I'm a blogger, with a difficulty of finishing one paragraph  grammatically correct. But I ain't going to stop writing, just because I cannot polished it well. I am not going to stop writing, because i found life in writing. Maybe one day i would only stop, if my eyes and brain grow old. But that's going to happen 30 years from now!

When You Write..

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  1. When I write, i find it therapeutically soothing. My brain functions a little well. Maybe, because writing relieves me of the blockages in my neurons at the time being. Writing is a very good form, not only of emotional, but also of mental exercise.

  2. The motivation for me at the stat is t get my love's attention. But slowly as followers are increasing and comments are becoming too encouragng that i started to love doing it. So now i write whatever comes out of my mind and heart.

    Cheers! Have fun!


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