Hold me tight, I might collapse. I felt like the whole world is twirling and playing its bouncing back dance routine. It's hideous! I wanna puke and close my eyes to very last breath then forget the world and its twirling dance mundane.

As the days unfold expeditiously and  its purl manner ejaculates amazement and mystification for me, I wonder how my old friends look like, rusty classmates, and those who had at once become a part of my journey. Reminiscing the so-called past and trying to be strong for the future and keep on kicking on this voyage of uncertainties.

In my 4 years of blogging, writing the snap shots of my weirdo life and gypsy status quo presumably  the whole blogosphere  has been reading the out of crap mind boggling and globe throttling story, sexcapades,  and even the definition of an ostensible life and its skirmish calling it  "the Brio of timmyboi's lifing"

It does feel so amazing to know  the purpose of our existence. Not all at once though, it is gradually- yet a sure thing. I have traveled so far,  and the going gets even tougher. People come and go. The adversaries are growling with barbarism and animality. Oh, have you noticed? I am using such  morbid adjectives describing journey and its toughness. So for you to know that life is not at all   FAIR. 

What makes me optimistic? 

Beyond those trials and short coming I made, I still popped up like a mushy mushroom with its indefinite time of popping up. Even the hard days of a hand to mouth battle, squeakers of  a demonic earthly  trials- I cried out loud and after which I'm back on track. (It's not as easy as reading this post.) Closing my eyes like there is no tomorrow and PRAY.

What gives me life?

As I have said, my life is a gobs  of shit and crap. But what makes it floating extra-ordinarily is that I find inspiration in little things, people I admired the most, real friends, loads of books (stinky or dollarous), blogging, my dreams, my existence journeying alone- padding every  side  of my boat. Tiniest cackle of the street kids, their survival had become a great afflatus for me to survive. Their tied and tucked in skirmish with the growling world of hunger,to survive they have to fight so the good food will be at their center piece. The blessing of life is just innumerable. It depends on you on how you take it. Life is grotesque. But what makes it NOT is when you think it is NOT.

What keeps me from writing?

Burbling. I love visiting John Maxwell's webpage. A man of God. I owe him a lot when it comes to learning to be tough and surviving the daily dosage of trials, oh I  include Zig Ziglar on this list. 

Next stop is 13thwitch I never got and will never be tired reading her posts, her rants that tickles me every time I visited her site. She is just blessed with the ability of alluring readers to keep on going back to her site and read the snap shots of her witchy life.. Just amazing!


It is easy to find inspiration. But their "tough  act to follow" is something that every person who has an inspiration must consider that " we all have purpose." And what they have achieved is theirs. And what are we going to achieved is for us. They might influence us with their achievements, and be a mirror for us to make ours possible to grasp. Sooner or later things will fall in-line for us. 


Just keep the dreams burning. 
Live life to the fullest. 
Dream like you've never tasted how gross the failure is.
Be appreciative. Be tough. Be bold. Laugh.
Love yourself, give it a whole bunch of shit but live with  a purpose.
Respect yourself, so to received a worthy respect.
Love like you have never been hurt before.
Because to live is to love. 
Love God.

Happy Reading! ^_^


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  2. aww that is sweet tim!

  3. 13thWiTCH: Thanks dear..

  4. ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ: Thanks buddy..

  5. hey man! nice blog. i've been looking for articles worth reading. will follow you :)

  6. Chester Mark B. Tamayo: Oh thanks man!

  7. Nice to see you soon co-blogger from davao. LOL. You have an org for bloggers here in Davao? Im chuckling while reading some of your posts. Let your keyboard do the nice talking, and let your pen stroke while it lasts. Happy blogging men.

  8. THOR: Thanks buddy. Yeah sure!

  9. TIM: You're welcome dude :)

  10. Tim: I am ready to change my blog's theme! LOL

  11. Tim: I dunno how to start it. Im not good at it either, hahaha.

  12. THOR: Don't worry, I'll help you.


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