How many times would  I tell  you this and how many times will I remind you that you gotta be" patient!"

Am just bored. I need sex, that is it. And if you can't give it to me, a lot of options I could  do. Just don't hinder me. Don't stop me. You are not giving me what I need, a bit personal and drastic to woke you up every morning. But I got no option when it comes to this.

Are you tired of waiting? Dude, I'm still virgin. I don't know how it's gonna be like, being touched. I might die. Am afraid. Please understand me.

Understand you? How long will I wait?

Are you trying to measure my love for you?

No! You can't use love in here. All I want now is sex. I need it babe. Please don't starve me this way.

Dude am tired and afraid.

Uh oh. Okay you are tired and afraid, but do not stop me from going out and make myself satisfied. Do not stop me, you are making me fool from waiting. I already loose my patience on this matter.

Okay- is that all what you need? I'm setting you FREE!


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  1. in every relationship it's money and SEX that is the most important. although of course love and respect. but if you are being starve in every way, then things like that would surely be happening. scared and tired? duh! LOL!

    have a wonderful week ahead...


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez : I'm just lunatic Jj!


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