It is hard to reckoned. Very  aggressive, very persistent. You call me babe?

I'd decided to just took a peek on how's PR going on, since the last time I logged in and check mails. 'Twas still bombarded with full crap and rude people lurking, looking for sex. And oh, don't  fowget those narci ones who imposed they're hot and sexy and that they are handsome. Nuh, not a thing to brag  about.

I ain't denying the fact that I am one of the so called "superstar" when it comes to messages i received every time I logged in, bulky  and pummelled by those sex seekers. Sending me nude pics, leaving their numbers. I kept quite, I never dare to send any messages to them, nor responding queries that are out of this world. And oh, my shout, it's a bit rude.  

Darting on this site filled with stinky and horny people just makes life more fun. If my mind plays jerky, I would asked them why did they put such morbid or mind boggling shouts. Some responded rude, some retorted long and tacky explanation, urgh out of this world man. And am tired of those shit and crap. I would be lucky if there's someone who is brand new, newly registered ( so we can have that cool conversation) or just a renewed one. Some shouted "I want substance" but in the end, when you asked him rhetorically, whoa cannot even justify his means of saying it. Really huh? Substance.

I love conversation and i love to talk. Who doesn't?  It's just that there are people who came across and try to allure you with their shouts and fake porn photos. Then I figured it out that I guess maybe the reason why I received so much messages is because of this.


what's your take? Am I sexy? hahaha..


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  1. you are! and it does not look fake, is it? hehehe... I did put my profile in all the hook ups and dating sites just to meet people hopefully have friends around the area. but as you have said, it will all boils into one, sex. and it kind of frustrating. I often ask myself, is this the gay world all about? But dating sites have given me two wonderful experiences. One, i met a guy who is of exact name, first and last and same middle initial with my recent ex. and we were also romantically involve. that is just a month in between. and two, I found a wonderful guy, that I am so happy and contented. and he is the reason why I deleted my profiles on all these crappy websites. I found the guy who just like me is into something deep. Hopefully this is it!


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez : nice thing J! Wow, amazing. Well might happened to me. But I ain't rushin' things.

  3. cool picture tim. and yes, if you put a picture like that, expect offers of different kinds :P

  4. 13thWiTCH: Whoa, lol. Yeah, am getting hotter each day..


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