I'm over it. It's time to move on and be happy.  Have you ever said this phrase to yourself?

Life is mysterious on its own way, the going that we go through in life is unpredictable, there are times that we say "I guess it's time to quit and back off" but the spirit of survival and perseverance enlightened your mind to go on and continue. You had spent half of your life mourning and doing nonsensical stuff. Now is the time to move on.

Deprivation is a common dilemma of most people in the world. We tend to stop ourselves from doing something it is because we are afraid we might screw things up and fail. Instead we stuck ourselves and be a slave of something unworthy, something that gives you pain and frustration. Now is the time to move on.

You missed a lot of happenings that you supposed to witnessed, you missed the chance of learning better things to make you more mature and high spirited being. What's with the struggle? What's with the pain and fear? Now is the time to move on.

You have suffered too much in life and yet you get used to it. You never find any solution to alter the predicament that you are in now. You have become more vulnerable, insecure, conscious, irrelevant, boring and most of all you have lost your love and passion for the art. How long will you play antagonist to your own life? How long will you close your eyes from the light, from love. Now is the time to move on.

Life is worth moving on, you may fail many times but does not mean you are sore loser. It only means you have something to achieve more than what others achieved. Life is unfair it; is given, but makes it fair is when you fight, when you move, when you continue and when you strive to make it. The jovial moments are cannot be measured by happiness but on those doom days you struggled. Because Now is the time to move on.


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  1. Correct! Exactly. We know that life has its own biases so we must learn how to go with it, and eventually move on should life fail us..

    BTW, the friends list thingy, i dunno how to check it...

  2. the green breaker: thanks Green, what am talking about is you are on my page man..


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