In every walks of life, in everything that we have done either good or bad there's always a corresponding effect that would soon submerge or afloat us. In this case the word karma can be applied- a good or a bad karma.

In our country and in our society politics has created such great impact on our daily lives, sometimes we tend to dream that one day the people who control/rule our government will stepped down and let us be free from the corruption that his/her administration has caused. It led us into massive protests and rallies.

Everyone wants "something good" for himself. Everyone wants equality, peace, unity and love. But these aspects of life aren't visible, as such the societal issues we have been dealing since the time of our great great grand father has remained unsolved due to our own "something good" issue.  It's a paranoia.

We had seen it by our naked eyes on how our fellow countrymen ousted Erap, and how gross it turned out when Gloria Arroyo ruled over him. I could say this was the time when our country had done so much to let Erap out from the sight, but in the end what we did to Erap had happened to Arroyo.Well it is happening to P-noy nowadays. At first "we" so love Arroyo, her cuteness, her ability and her intelligence with the hope of making our country just at least augment its condition allured us. But what happened?  In the end she ruled with violence and corruption.

Hailed us one of the most powerful women in the world, the next two years she was hailed as one of the most corrupt leader in the world. It is embarrassing to remember this trademark.

But the "karma" might take it slow, but it is so sure when it attacks. So are we on the same side now?

Note: I am not cursing Gloria Arroyo, nor did I wished her to die. She is still human being who deserved second chance. But she better have to publicly apologize and admit that she had done so much and she helped ruined our ailing nation.

What's your take on these videos? Shall we or shall we not listen to her clamor?

  1. Great post timmy... And brave... I love this... Frustration of government is one reason i left the philippines.

    Hope we can all be brave like you...


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez : thanks man, it is something that every Filipino should do.


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