As everyone else brag about how gross love for them, how impulsive it became and how love ruined their lives- yet there are those who wished that one day LOVE will to their way. If  falling in-love is something that everyone of us wishes to have one day, dreaming of being loved and to love like we have never been hurt before. To make  the world a better place to live in. It would be the most awesome thing to do!

But sometimes love can brought us into different arena the so-called battle. To fight for someone you love, to sacrifice everything for love.The  essence of love is to give and receive happiness, it gives cadence to the music, letting  the flower bloom on its fullness, wipe and took away pain and pour out life- because  love produces life.

But then again why there are pain? Why there are trouble? Why is that there are broken-hearts?

Love can be so boring, love can be grotesque and self centered but always remember it is not love, it is self imposed. Because true love never hurt, never grow tired and weary, it never become selfish nor greedy. It envy no one. Love knows no boundaries and distance. It paves the way of reaching out and making the impossibility to be possible. It is graspable. Love is sent from up above..

Love is life. It's awesome to be in-love, it doesn't matter if you are single what matters the most is you know you are loved and cared for. Things made it easier.

Love is something to brag about ..

Happy Reading! May the love will knock on your door as soon as you read this post..

Much Made...

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  1. I just fun to be love... But more fun to love...


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez : Yes, indeed!

  3. nice entry tim... :) napangiti ako after basahin...

  4. egG: Thanks parekoy!

  5. Indeed. It's a nice feeling to fall in love, and nicer to be loved. :)

    Ahm, what do you mean nga pala sa question mo na, "are we on the same shoe?" in terms of what? hehe

  6. charles.: oh sa post mo yun. Pareho ba tayo ng feeling at dinaranas now...


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