The whole showbiz industry is eager to hear the reaction of Piolo Pascual on their uber publicized breakup with KC Concepcion, both we're ABS-CBN talents. The whole industry and media people are making money out of this hot issue nowadays, prying such words and of course their very own opinion about Piolo's  sexuality. Gay or Not?  It's his prerogative to answer this.

But until Piolo Pascual has never said anything and has never admitted that "he is the so-called gay guy" we can do nothing about it. His issue will remain as such. And he has the right to remain silent and not to admit it.

Everyone has been saying  morbid verdicts and has been creating graphic photos whose target is to wreck Piolo Pascual's career. How rude? Our society is still asleep, deeply, with their stupidity and crappiness when it comes to gay issue. Filipinos are trying to be "conservative"  when it come to dealing with this matter.

The hell you care if  Papa P is gay? And you have nothing to do with it. It is his very own life, and better get a life of your own. Before saying anything that would hurt his feelings. We should remember that he is human just like us. Filipino. Let us give him space.

One thing I hate about gossips is when the topic is not specifically true, yet so many people has been bragging this and that. It is a whole stupid and crap.

Let's set his life free.

What's Yours Anyway?

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  1. Amen to that, bro. :)

  2. It only means one thing, Piolo is ABOVE them. He's famous and he's a bankable actor that's why ABS-CBN is still existing. Show business is a dirty game! And we should admit that rumors are prevalent and an artist can never escape from it.

    You're right! People should set him free and they should respect Piolo's privacy. He has the right to keep it himself and if he wants to flaunt it, then be it.

    Hello TIM! Got your digits, gonna buzz you this weekend. TC! :)

  3. The crazy thing is.... They can find time to deal people's lives instead of doing something to make their life better. And people wasting money buying magazines and papers that all they van get was actually gossips or things that is not important. Watse of time and resources...


  4. charles.: Thanks Buddy!

  5. JJ Roa Rodriguez : You got it right J!


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