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Everyone must, and everyone deserves another hit. In life we need challenges, words that would hurt us- so to let the giant move its way out. Everything has a reason why it happened.

My heart is half way full instead of thinking negatively about Athena Imperial's placement in the recently concluded Miss Earth 2011, wherein she was proclaimed Miss Water or second runner up. Does she deserved the placement? Need I say more? Almost everyone around the world we're beating the odds just to let Athena and the Philippines heard their blare about her placement. Her questionable placement. Need I say more?  The whole cyber space were drooling over her, bashing and bullying. Does her placement as Miss Water was "too much?" 

Every forumer on the cyber space are still blabbing and posting morbid comments, throwing hideous words that I know Athena could be affected by it. The issue is not with her placement anymore, but to the dignity of the Philippines. Was that a way of patriotism, since the pageant was held on its home country?

In pageant, as always losers speak up. It's either the so-called back stage beauties blab good or bad comments. The niche of pageantry is as powerful as the world, as wide as the universe, has been known internationally and even the earth connives. The international love of pageantry brought Venezuela into creating such typical and the most glamorous women the world ever produced- through surgery, and they humbly admitted it. As a result they stood out year after year. A grand slam beauties of South America indeed.

Miss Earth was created early 2000's, to protect and give awareness of mother earth's condition. The pageant aimed to enlightened the minds of the people around the globe on taking responsibility on protecting and caring mother earth. To make this possible, every country must send each delegates to represent their native land on the said pageant- so to speak that they are aware of mother earth's condition. So the battle begun, number of beautiful and fully aware ladies around the globe join forces to promote the protection of our dying planet. Preservation is a must. And this year the Philippines representative pave the way for the Filipinos to be heard, that  we Filipinos are deeply and fully aware of earth's condition and Athena is the representation of us.

Instead of getting appreciations from her fellow countrymen, Athena in the opposite received morbid thrown-ups, her battle in helping the earth to survived had gone wrong. She is now bashed and bullied. What went wrong? She just represented our country. And her placement wasn't her fault- it's with the judges. But why are we so dumb not  to understand this fact. She's innocent enough to received our bad thrown-ups. And she never deserved it.

We tend to say stupid things when we don't like something or someone. We tend to forget to act mature and be decent when commenting. A person with great values know what is "professionalism", he/she might wanted to say something, but inevitably he/she weigh things- if this is the right word to say. On Athena's case it's more than just a beauty pageant. It is her personal life that is being disturbed. It is her dignity as a woman that is being wrecked. Come on, why people can't just moved on, when they're losers?

Fair enough to understand that, it is not how well you write, how perfect your grammar is, but it is the opinion that your mind conceived towards others. It takes two to tango.

Athena had proven her worth as a beauty queen! She did fell and rolled down drastically- but her grace and posture had lifted her up back to the game.  Indeed, it is a gracious rise from a fall!

Thank you so much Athena for bringing honor to our homeland!

The Gracious Rise from a Fall...

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  1. Thanks for dropping by and for the comment sa blog ko.

    Sana lahat ng tao d negative noh, nagdala kana nga ng karangalan kulang parin. Pag d kana man nagdala ng karangalan mas lalo kang kukutyain. San ba tayo lulugar nito este si Athena pala ang topic natn dito nakakarelate kasi ako hinde dahil pang miss earth ang beauty ko ha. LOL

    Minsan d mo maintindihan ang mga pipol.hehee Anyway, ito talaga ang totoong buhay magulo maraming reklamo pero masaya. Naku! lumalayo na ako sa blog post mo..hehee

    Seriously, this is a great post. Kung ako si Athena personal akong magpapasalamat sayo.

  2. pEarL : Hahahaha, ibang beauty pagean ka siguro pwede Pearl.. thanks..


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