By millions of miles, I could say that 2011 (is) full of fun and adventure. It is by far one of the most productive and loving year for me. Its infectious  adrenaline rush travel, adventure and of course the lessons I have acquired to grow more and much deeper in life, developing my character as a person, dealing with short minded and solved the problem is the most amazing thing- well let's add this: I gained  new friends, meet the old ones and celebrate life. My motto is Live and Love.

Once more life has given me so much, in my odyssey as nomad. Everything is just unpredicted. I have become more keen  on the growth of life, to where I am going and to the things that would brought joy to my life. Truly the true joy of life is when you know what your purpose is, and doing what you love.

This year my lists was somehow fulfilled. On the first quarter I had gotten a job but didn't stayed long, so I transferred and luckily found a good one. Quite well, I enjoyed it, til now still pumping some assess and vaginas. Lovin' it, different smells and different shapes. But the most challenging was doing the counseling job that was vested on me. On this field, I hastened myself to be a confidant to someone who is ailing in spirit and fighting for survival against the world. An odd to beat. Unleashing the burdens from the inside and for a moment stop thinking mine's ado, instead  focus on someones mental and health condition. Indeed it's a tough job.

With their tears streaming down, my heart have gone stronger as the days had passed. Listening to their queries and their words of survival- LIVE and LOVE. It is rewarding and heartwarming to hear from these people who are fighting for their lives yet they have remained optimistic about life and with their present condition. It is graspable by heart that you will grow much deeper on understanding the imminence of death, conjured by their innocent minds and spirit. Life is too short, don't make it shorter. Don't toil around. Don't abuse it. Don't destroy it. Instead make the best out of it. Live life as to what is positive and in God's way.

My warmest thanks to all of my friends, fellow blogger and to those who have made my 2011 memorable. To God who is the author of my life and to my Ate Faith who have loved me ever since the world began. to everyone who may read this post- thank you so much. You shaped up my life and made me who I am today..


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  1. It‘s great that this year has brought good things for you. And that we should be thankful to God. :) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year mate!

  2. I'm glad you had a pretty good year, here's hoping the next one is just as good.

  3. ken: yeah, looking forward to it..

  4. I am very happy for you my friend! may the Lord continue to bless you for the coming year..

    Happy New Year!


  5. JJ Roa Rodriguez : Thanks alot J.


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