Is this a wasted time again? Well, things aren't that clear as of the moment, my vibration has been telling me things that are unreal and cannot be fathomed by my unperceived ideas. Beyond the fact that "  I know it all" still my persistence wants me do it again. It is hideous when your mind overpowered the vow that you had once  declared. It's killing me. My heart is in deep tremor knowing that I presumed will just got hurt when it boils down into oblivion.

What time is it? It's 3 am in the morning, still the radar of my mind darts anywhere. Where ideas of my wild dreams and fantasies has remained unchaste to its purest. Deep down in its inner. Have you ever been to this predicament? When a lot of time, I mean the whole night you spent wagging your tongue, crouching like a tiger in its crib, your mind wants to explore the underworld of sadness, the untouched places where clamor is deceiving. On this place there's no traced of happiness nor the feeling of being in need of what is love. Instead the screamed of infliction of  too much harm and injury. It is being battered and mutilated. Inhabited by groaner,  people who are tortured by their emotional plight. People who wants to be free, but the continuity of this estate is wrapping 'em all over.

The sound of the night is mysterious, and it is something to ponder on, its melodic lilting that brought everyone to the wonderland, I myself is keenly observing with a pen on my mind. Jotting down every lyrical effectual to come up with something interesting while waiting for my mind to get tired, so I could sleep. But it's been 4 hours of lying in here, closing my eyes yet the memories has been flashing up and down, back and forth. It's a train of every episodic happenings that had made me who I am today. Why are they coming back?

My heat is so jet lag. It is weary and tired. I missed it when someone says "Good Morning babe" Someone that hugged you every time you needed it, the pillow and the blanket of your soul. Unleashing even the tiniest particle of emptiness and solitaire inside of you. Making you the best amongst others. Making you the king. Making love like heaven.

It's beyond retrieving. I will just look back and keep the past fresh, so when I get tired of the present condition, would glance back and reminisced it.

I will stay in-LOVE. Cause life should be this way. The brio of my daily lifing.


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