Dear Steve,

Well, I don't know what type of relationship are we having today, the nitty gritty of it it just hard to reckoned. Admittedly, I am afraid of taking this part to the next level, I am afraid wherein the distance that we have is too far enough to make such relationship grow. Really, you are so dear to me- a manic depressive attitude would attack me, if you won't just beep me up or would never received any message coming from you. Am I insane?

Every glimpse of this so-called relationship is so unreal to me. Yeah, you read it right babe, I mean I did asked myself if I am daydreaming, it is so surreal! I felt like you are just playing with my emotion, with my feeling. Am I inlove? Hell, I don't know.

Have you heard the song of Pittbull and Chris Brown "International Love' I can actually relate to this song a lot. Awesome beat and the melody is amazing. But yeah, let me change the title of it. It should be "National Love" since we are just around the country-darting. It's ridiculous writing this, you know. Am really insanely inlove with you.

But babe, I have a confession to make. I hope it is okay with you. Well, you all love my story. You love when I act like a baby, when I change my avatars into such nerdy type of character. Telling me, It ain't never gonna be my forte, am too hot for it. Really? Wow, thanks. You'd shot the bang again! You're handsome, hot, nice, rich and yes almost everything that somebody has been looking for to become an ideal boy friend is in you. A jack of all trade- and a master of all.

Okay, back to the confession. I know it'll hurt you so bad. We have been 3 years being so far from each other. But still we have this strong and very intimate love for each other. We promised that no matter what will happen we will never forget each other- we will love and love each other firmly. I had been hiding this to you.

Babe, I have hiv.  I can't say it to you bluntly. But now, I don't know, I just have the  inner courage to tell you this darkest secret of myself. I might be fit and hot- but I have illness.

I won't beg, nor say this and that. I will just wait for you, till you come and read my letter.

Thank you and I Love You so much!


The Letter

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  1. whoa. this must be way too serious.

    How profound! Is it your story? If it's yours---

    It takes much valiance to utter those words.

    I like how you handled the situation --- you handled it well - it was with your heart and your mind. this is really worth reading, it really came from someone with a pure heart, full of love. I hope you would be happy again soon.

    See you very soon TIM! :)

  2. whoa..ano 'yon?? TIM...explain pls..nagulohan me, pagkatapos mag menstruation ang utak ko sa english. Seryoso??

  3. hahaha now I know. I should have read the label. LOLS. Napahiya naman ako dun :D

  4. THOR: hahahaha, now you know..

  5. Akoni : Hehehehehe.. Ganun?


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