I wrote this reflection six months ago, but due to busyness for some  other stuff I forgot to post it here. Last night I clean-up all the mess in my room, and dragged out some artifacts that are no longer useful for me. As you know being an artist, most of the time clattered is always your twin soul. I wonder why, we as artist preferred  it this way. Well, not all though. I  mean I myself loves clean and comfy bed, but there are times when laziness strikes, I couldn't even move my small finger to lift tiny little pieces to pave others to add on the bunch. Weirdo jackass.

So here it is :

Just when you thought that life is as its peak- there is more to come. Hence above all these things, I personally believed that life is more valuable  than any other things that you could ever have, nor its preciousness would matter. Any gems that remained costly  will never matter once you loose the meaning of life. Just like other great and wealthiest people in the world, who had lost their lives because of fame and fortune. Having everything is a worldly satisfaction to beat. But it's useless.

But what is more important? What is more valuable? And what is more essential to life?

It is knowing what "our" purpose is- my reason to live and the reason of my existence. One after the other.

How long am I going to starve myself from knowing what my purpose is? Millions of time and chances had past, yet my indecisiveness reigning  over. My means had diminished. Maybe because what I have, has never been my priority, that even to take a peek of what is it, is the hardest thing to do, the importance and the ability to be grateful of having it.

Life is a precious gift given by God. He himself promised to shower us with joy, love, peace and the abundance of the earth will be ours. So to speak that our  means in life is also a gift given by God.

Loving yourself is an act of giving importance to what is given to you. Life is unfair and that is given. But it will only become fair- if you think it is- and that's a fact to know. It is full of joy from the pain, full of satisfaction from what is lack, full of love from what is un-love. As we glanced on this beautiful day, have we ever said: "Thanks God?"  Your life that is FULL  of everything. Everything that made you, who you are today.

Life is the greatest gift given by God. The greatest treasure we have. Love it and make the best out of everything.  Live life with gladness. Live with purpose. Live with love. Live with God.

Love life like you have never done before!


  1. Good for you. Keep it up. :)

  2. Sometimes I think the purpose of my life is just to be the world's bitch. I have occasionally thanked God. Maybe not as much as I should.

  3. Mark: Everyone should buddy..

  4. would you still like to live when everything seems to be a mess?

    how would you enjoy life?

  5. shenanigans: Well, lots of ways buddy..


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