What's this? Oh, thanks for giving me. I appreciate it!

It is really easy to find someone, but to let them stay is the hardest thing to fathom. Might be today or even tomorrow is still real and graspable, you can still hear his breathing, kiss his red lips, touch his soft and delicate skin, but on the days to come we can't perceived it well, on what's going to happened. Everything is floating in uncertainties.

The day you've met him, it felt so unreal, the feeling of being so satisfied at one time, the niche of it is something that every human being's looking forward to. It is the emotion that bonded your body and soul, then collided and creates a feeling of security. The feeling that every 'in-love soul" defines it as the reality of what is surreal to the naked eyes. I'm sure it is love as everyone call it.

What's the feeling? Well, I really don't know. I wont write something like this if I knew, it is just like perfecting my grammar, I won't be going to write a post nor read books if my vocabulary's perfect. So as in loving too.

Have you experienced the thrill when both eyes meet, and the glaring emotion sparks. Two minds have something inside, wanted to spit it out, but the gawkiness overpowered you both. Hays, really. Then there goes the crazy imagination of :what was he thinking about me?  It's almost attainable by your mind, perceivable by the hearts, but the awkwardness of saying it diluted the idea. And that remains impossible.

Everything is unclear when you love. It is unstable. But what makes it clear and stable is the grip, the tightness of the promises you made to each other. The world is unfair, but it will only be fair if you think it is. So as in loving too! Everyone  could be loved and could love. But not to get hurt has no excuse. We maybe enjoying the moments, sharing the most memorable days, treasuring it heartily- still the pain and hurting time can happened anytime soon.

Centuries had past, noble writers, artists and scientists had expressed their thoughts about love- what it meant for them. How this affected their lives. The great Michael Angelo who's expression of love is sex, that when he paints it should be with love, and that when he loved there should be sex, it made him remarkable, extraordinarily talented. Love is always possible to feel it when you express it. I never agree on people who are discreet when they love, imperceptibly says " they're not expressive or blunt." Really? I don't think so. Everyone has feelings, and so everyone can express what they feel. Then right term should be?

Till now my heart is in deep joy. Enchanting and vibrant. I glows from the inside out and that is because I am in-love and loved for.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. happy that you found happiness in love. Merry Christmas!!! :D

  2. RoNRoNTuRoN : thanks man..

  3. That is beautiful... Being in love and loved back...

    Happy Holidays!


  4. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Thanks J.


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