I was awaken by a terrible dream- a headless woman walking beside me.I am  gasping for the  air,  and while catching my breath I look for my phone and checked what time is it. It was 3 am, the blankness of the room seems talking to me. The sound of the night, its lilting, its voice is a wonderful tune to my ear. Luckily my heart' beats calmly at this time.

The memory of the lady who died morbidly was the last picture I saw when I closed my eyes. So i presumed that  led me into a terrible hallucination. It was the worst case I could say. In my entire stint in the office, it was the first time  that I saw a grotesque picture of a woman who died in a ruthless way. Disfigured face, the joint to joint cutting of her body, the one who did it was an expert in the medical field. Both legs and arms as well as the head had been found in a damp site, and it was found with a festive flies munching it. Perfectly done as the cops said. No traces of any evidence that could be used as a weapon to solve the mystery.

What led me into curiosity is her missing body. The cutting was perfect. It seems that a person who did this  was as best the any surgeon or any doctors who handle cases such as in a  surgical procedure. What are they going to do with the body then? Sell?

I almost puked when I saw it. Everyone in the office was terrified to find out that it is one of our freelance sex workers. It was confirmed when one of our midwife who did her smearing procedure a month ago said it was her patient,  furthermore the lab aid had as well second demotion.

Her grotesque death caused me sleepless these days, I am afraid that there  might be  a head looking at me, or an arm  walking and want to touch  me. Even the throbbing sound of the fan made me sick. Blinking my eyes and trying to relax my mind and be free from the stress  that I gained from my undying curiosity.Why the hell on earth did I allow my killer cat's eye took a peek. I couldn't control my heart from beating everytime I remembered her crumpled face wrapped in a violet colored bag. A sign of too much torture.

May her soul shall rest in peace.


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  1. If nothing has led to conclusion of her death, it must had been planned and done (as you said) by someone in the medical field. I don't understand why people have guts to not just kill but slaughter someone.

    I don't believe in apparitions as I have not seen one since.

    Yeah. And may God forgive those who did it to her.

  2. ken: Thanks buddy. Maybe, for some reasons..


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