As of today it is reaching nearly half a million( 486,649 ) viewers who viewed this magnificent video. So count me myself and moi in the counting.

 I was raised with a Christian values and that is to believe in the power of God. By using it, as a weapon in everything that we do. It is as well, a sign that you are walking in a Christ-like behavior.

In this video, we can see how true faith works during the time of need. The things that people believed it would be impossible to happened but it does happened to someone who believes that there is a power of declaration and authority. The shop owner Marian Chedrick knows that she has no weapon to fight against the robber, but in her heart she has the weapon that is greater than what has been used on earth. And that is the power of authority. Her faith truly saved her!

In this video, it shows how powerful the name of the Lord. We just need to use it with authority and believing that in His name nothing is impossible.

"No weapons formed against us shall prosper and in the name of Jesus every knee shall bow! (Isaiah 54:17, Philippians 2:10)"   Watch it here, and try to decipher!

GOD has it...

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  1. AMEN!

    Let us learn from this video that faith conquers all, that faith can move even the highest mountain


  2. T.R.Aurelius : Indeed!

  3. Thanks for sharing this... I'll check it out myself.


  4. JJ Roa Rodriguez: NP J..


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