Hello there 2012!

I guess everyone has been jotting down the things that they wanted to do, fresh and new. Students will go back to reality as well as those who are working. What's new to this 2012? Has the near ending of the world will took place this year? Let's find out.

As everyone was screaming and blowing their torotot, making noise and ofcourse munching the food they had prepared. I myself spent my new years' eve reading. I cared less about people who were celebrating pumping up and making noise. For me it is just a normal holiday, infact I hate holidays. Because during this time, I get to  see alot of people sitting on their bench and drinking. Urgh!

I supposed to write my first post yesterday, a first blast. But so sad wasn't able to get through it. No cafes were open and my laptop is on its menstrual syndrome. Crazy.

I have planned everything that I needed to do this year, aside from moving to Manila, I will  as well pursue my photography class I missed. So for now, got to relax and wait for the go signal.

What's life ahead of   ME. For now watch this :


Hello there 2012!

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  1. my prayers for your upcoming plans...

    Good luck and God bless!


  2. A grace filled new year to you and your family.

  3. may you be blessed as you go out in the world unfolding all your plans :)

  4. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Thanks man..

  5. pEarL: Thanks much for that.

    T.R.Aurelius : To you as well.


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