I met this guy late last year maybe December. Nice and professional. At a first glanced, I was stunned- he is a sure win for me. I mean I like guys with a good sense of humor, discreet and of course those who can be able to justify their words on texts. So I was hoping that "he could be".. And  I wasn't really hesitant of meeting him, knowing that on texts I felt so comfortable.

We met and talked. Watched movie, well at first it was like heaven. He was holding my hand, complimenting on how macho and hot I am ( I am serious here). Got carried away, I never mind those people up there watching so focused on the movie that we were watching. He attempted to kiss me, and we did. It was fun.

After the movie, he decided to bring me to his apartment so we could talk more and maybe watch tv series, I agreed and we proceed. The urge of making love to him was reigning over me, I lost my demureness. He started to kiss me, again complimenting on how hot I am. Well, thank goodness for that. He then undress me, he touches everything, kissed every part of my body, my abs, my arms, my lips until he reached the peak of my demureness. We both enjoyed the first night. He will be in Davao for 3 months because of his work. He's in a marketing field. As what I have read on a chat logs, he is good at it, earned lots of bucks. Impressive.

What's with my title? Well, he started it pretty bad. He told me to refer clients for his marketing expansion, and luckily I got two clients who signed in. What went wrong? He promised to give me 1,500 bucks on every referrals I make- and if they signed up, I will  received my commission. How cool was that huh? As what I have said, they signed up.Everything was fine but I don't know what went wrong,everything was changed when my clients signed in,He is not talking to me anymore, he's not responding  on texts messages I sent, messages on facebook. Until on  this very moment i found out that he took me off on his friends lists. And I can't send a message to him anymore. Is this good?

For me, I don't really brag about the commission, I brag about his stupid behavior. It is insulting on my part. He never even informed me. And if he did, I could be able to gauge things, accept everything. Be he never.

Isn't he rude?

how RUDE?

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  1. More than rude, I hate to say this but I guess he used you mate.

  2. ken: I guess ken. it's drastic..

  3. I vote for RUDE. I am surprised sa laman ng kwento. :)

  4. This has confused me, but no he was very rude and was just using you. You should hunt him down and take his balls.

  5. For me, he is not rude. He's an asshole.

  6. Akoni: hahaha, anu ba naka surprise sayo dyan?

  7. Mark: It's really confusing..


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