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Do you think every people who smile has a happy life

Do you think every people who has everything in terms of money, beautiful clothes, expensive cars, luxury condos, and amazing backgrounds got a joyous life? Not all.

Because contentment is cannot be based on what we see by our naked eyes. Cannot be perceived by our literal thinking. Life is unfair, there are people who are super rich and there are people who is striving to eat each day. Some splurge, some keep it for tomorrow. Some refrain from living even the world is so complete in terms of earthly refuge. And some  struggle to get what they needed but the mind is intact and the heart is maiming to survive, to live.

A lot of people has been questioning about the runs of life, its involvement of who we are today. The choices we made and the future that we have.

 Who wants to be rich? And who the heck wants to be poor huh? For God sake, everyone wants to live happily ever after. I mean every one wants to live life with satisfaction and that means living life with money, who can travel, eat good food, buy things that they wanted.

We are living in a third world country, almost 100% of us wants to go abroad work and save money and when we go back, we'll live life with satisfaction. This is the trend I've seen today. I am not faking it. But the reality is, only few people, few Filipinos wants to work in our native land. Why? Small salary, depression is here. Recession is our daily dose.

Back in 2008 when I was working in a pizza house, my first job. I truly understand the value of money, the hard labor I made but I only earned a few. I was thinking of quitting and will try my luck of searching for a better job and earn big. How crappy was this huh? At the first glanced, the money I earned could sustained the needs I have, then I realized that God knows how to balance in life, in everything that the world has. I earned just enough for myself. Then one day a friend of mine who is American told me this " Philippines is not a poor country, it is just poorly manage." I was stunned by this fact. Awful as it is to think but I was discreetly beaten by this phrase.

"Much is given, much is cost." This phrase always reminds me of living life wonderfully, there are those who live life with a golden spoon but the cost of it is almost half of their lives.

The  karma is an odd word to many politicians. Why? Well, it would simply implies "I'll get back at you, one day soon- just wait." The corruption in our country today is a cause of self centeredness, people who are greedy, people who wants to be rich instantly. Merely it is like an illusion to them when they steal.

Do you still believe on justice?

Justice is a good choice, a good word to simply reminds us what is Godly and what is humane.


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  1. nindot imong mga posts tim, gisultihan naman tingale tikaw ani sauna hehehe

    pero nindot siya kay ang ubannga posts, makes other people like me think and reflect.

    lingaw pud tong hate letter sa bar para sa ex ba, dili pa tingale to uso ang text atong panahuna, pero kung nakuha na niya tong laki, dili nlng unta niya sulatan ug ingon ato ang tambok nga baye kay luoy, unless, dili gyud siya angay kaluy-an hehehe.


  2. dan: Whoa, got a message from Kuya Dan. Thanks Kuy!

  3. I'd like to think the same way as mentioned about 'Philippines being poorly managed.' As it still gives (false?) hope despite the molehill we're at. I'm wondering what future awaits for me after I graduate. It has always been a battle of leaving the country for greener pasture.


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