2012 is like an illusion. It runs so fast. First month of the year, so everyone is all cramped up on making their list. Some got a planner, some just  got a jotting board or even a piece of paper to write down their important goals ( long or short) terms.

So what am I  waiting for? I have one too!


1: Go back to School

    Well so sad, I haven't finish my college, some friends thought I had done my college, but I'm yet to finished it this year.

2: Photography Classes and Workshop

     I'm some kind of stupid to think it this way, I lost my camera, yet I still wanted to learn the tricks of photography. Not losing hope then- soon I would have my own.

3: Save Money

     Everybody has been including saving money for the future. Yet, it becomes a hiatus to all of us. It is so hard to keep money when your minds' suggesting you to buy lot's of things. Spender? But I hope this year, will get it organized.

4: Clothes and Shoes

    I don't spent much on the clothes and shoes, honestly I would only buy one if it's needed. I mean I know what is fashion, it just that I'm thrifty to this stuff. It doesn't mean "konti lang gamit ko."  Defensive?

5: Read more Books

    Aside from blogging I will always love reading. So this year I am planning to plummet my habit of reading and buy books. As my motto says : I can be alone without you- just let my book be my only one. Oh see!

6:  Make more Friends

Last year, I met new ones. But this year I hope, I could be able to add up a lot. Kasi I believe on the kasabihan na : Pag maraming kaibigan, maraming connection yan. Mas madali ang trabaho. So paging friends out there!

7:  Be Sexy, Be Hot- Dare to be  the One.

Hahahaha. Does it tickle? It does. Well, I'm kind keen of posting my pictures in here. but yeah, got abs and all that. So I will continue hitting the gym 6 times a week. How hard? Nope, it wasn't. When you love doing it, it won't even bother you. Instead it'll makes you cooler and handsomer each day. Watch out for the pics soon.


I remember my friend, an OJT who worked with us last December who told me that if I'll go back to school, girls will drool themselves over me, I asked her why is that so? She bluntly said it, because you are hot! Wow.. That's flattering and faltering. hahahaha.

As simple and as easy as these, it would be easier for me to make this possible. Last year I had created one, with lots of sideways and stuff, but it ended up crap. So I jotted down those things that are easy and possible to achieved. Never dare to include those that are hard and unattainable.

I have also learned that it is better "not" to plan things, it would only makes you sad when it will never happened according to what you wanted it to be. Instead let it happened according to its nature. It is easy to understand the limits that we have when things happened unplanned.You will be able to learned and grow maturely. But that doesn't mean that you won't make anything to plan a head. What am trying to say here is that " just do not focus too much" just let it flow. 

These are the six things I wanted to happened this year. So help me God!


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  1. Godbless on your 2012!!! nawa ay ma achieve mo ang best! :D at salamat sa pag feature sa akin sa blog m. :D

  2. RoNRoNTuRoN: Welcome Ron..


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