Sympathies and empathy are flooding all over the web. There are rude responses to this video, and there are touching as well. Some who responded to make Jonah strong beyond his circumstances right now, dealing with bullies, degrades and his struggles to take a stand and give justice to a so-called life. This video has been viewed by over 9 million people and its getting more views each day. There are claims that "it is fake" but everyone was wrong when Jonah Mowrey 14, appeared on Good Morning America and justified that the video is real.

The video had gone viral and a lot of sentiments from all over the world had plummets each day. Even those notable  personalities like Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga happened to appreciate what Jonah had done. Bullying is one of the main core why most kids stay away from school to protect themselves from people who are morbid and cruel.

The video had shown us bravery to express what we feel. To let ourselves be saved from the pit of drowning. It is a tough act to follow. I just hope that this video will give reasons to people especially those who are beaten and bullied, those people who are forcefully dragged down, those who think that they're alone, those who live life in misery, people who thinks that they're alone facing these type of struggles. You are not alone. And those people like Jonah And ME..

Let us take a stand and be free from  all these. Life freely!

I support Youth Against Bullying!

Note: You can make your own post of this, to show that you as well is supporting Youth against Bullying.. Thanks a lot.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2012

    The last two cue cards moved me,

    "I'm not going anywhere, I have a million reasons to be here"

  2. T.R.Aurelius: So do I. It's really touching..

  3. oh my that video made me cry. i am just lucky i never went through this. yes probably i did but in a lighter way and I was strong enough to take is as a challenge. and guess what? those who have joked on me as being gay, they are still there back home struggling to survive and i am here in Canada, still not rich but far better than them... Thanks for sharing!


    btw, i hope u don't mind it. i have this post of yours on my facebook status...

  4. JJ Roa Rodriguez:Thanks man,yes lesson learned..

  5. just watching half of it my tears are endless already...till i finished his video my heart are aching for him...

    it was so sincere and i felt his pain...

  6. Mac Callister: Indeed it is Mac..


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