This week  is a very busy week for me aside from my work, I am forced to go to the hospital to let my fistula removed. Well, I don't want to nag about it, just search it in google so your brain will fart nicely. Whoa, too bad. Just so you know hospital is the worst place to be in, cramming, humid/cold weather sucks. Global warming makes it worse.  Aside from that you are also on the race of waiting for the doctors to come in and let yourself be checked. It sucks.

Admittedly it was my fault, back then I was told to let it be removed but since it wasn't bothering me at all, or if it does-it didn't gave me such headache so I was so cool then.  But it was last friday when I started to feel the pain, harsh was it's getting bigger (sort of a boils type). I'm a gym goer, so I presumed it got worse when I accidentally sit forcefully. 

Whoa, that hurts doc! The only rant I said to the middle aged cute doctor (not my type though, but pwede na rin) He slowly touched it again, told his nurse to get a ky jelly and a  pair gloves for him.  I was thinking of : oh gosh he's gonna check my ass, put his fingers on and oh crap it would feels good. Well, I am not wrong, my presumptions are rightfully done! hahahaha.  Gives me another dose of shit and crap (meds) to take. Clyndamycin sucks. But hell no choice, I have to take it so my calvary will be over. He instructed me to go back after a week so he can be able to check it. Another anal experience? Awesome!
So after the scene,I went to another doctor this time it's my uncle. He is really forcing me to let the operation take place this very day. But I refused and told him to meet my doctor so he would understand the no no. Thanks goodness he did. So he decided to let me go, oh I can't go home without flirting. hahahaha. Just kidding. I went to the Internal Medicine's OPD to see my crush. Luckily he was there jotting down and calling the names of the other patients. God, my heart started to fart forlorn. Knocked the door and get in. So you are here? My IM says. I am. I told her about my case, without any further ado, she called me to go to  the comfort room, oh man another checking stuff. I have no choice but to follow, with the gay nurse who stares at me creepily (guess he's horny) a tiny cackle and boom took off my pants, doc checked my ass with creepy gay feasting how good my butt looks like, not just that my balls and the master too. hahahahahaha.

What went wrong when the doctor told me to remove my top so she could see my abs. (lol) Just kidding. So  we went out, I sit down next to him, I was stunned when he asked me " oh baka my warts ka na, lakas kasi ng alindog mo.." I shut him up and told him that I will never have that since  I protected myself when I engaged into sex, do you? What an approach? He twinkled his eyes and oh, eksena and babaeng doctor! hoy Tim tama na yan, and kati mo. Diba my bf ka na? A loud LAUGH was my response. Sa loob ko, sarap sapakin ni doc, eksena much ka. Can I let you swallow your teeth? He didn't talked. I bid my goodbye and leave. 

Waiting outside for a cab, I heard someone calling me when I glanced it was him! Oh crap, he did asked for my digits and apologized for saying it so. I said : ok lang yan, alam mo, matagal na kitang crush- kaya lang evasive ka. But I am taken na eh. Faithful naman ako pag may bf ako. So can't we be friends? He snarled. Sure we can be. Okay got to go. 

Take a look kung truelagen nga ba my abs ako. 

Macho na ba co-blogger nyo?

Anyway, will be moving to Manila this month or early March. See you guys!

Am I?

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  1. Yes you are!.. Awesome!..


  2. JJ Roa Rodriguez: hahahaha.. Grabe ka..

  3. bakit ka may fistula? kung sa forearm yan eh di nag da-dialysis ka?

  4. wow ganda katawan ah...inggit ulit ako..haha dito ka na din sa manila.. see you if ever..

  5. shenanigans: aw, don't worry hindi sa forearm, sa my singit. oh sosyal db?

  6. -mark-: thanks buddy.. Sure we will

  7. bien: hahahaha.. thanks


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